Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview with Petr Cech

When you changed your diet? Why?
I started eating vegetarian in 90’s and later vegan in 2001 because of ethical and environmental reasons. And then after one year switched to a raw food diet because it made sense and also because of health reasons.
Please explain a little about your personal experiences with Natural nutrition…
Well, Natural Nutrition should mean something coming from nature, not changed by any means. What we find in nature and it is edible and we eat it as it is. From my experience this is the best way to eat. It can be a mono meal of bananas, mangoes, tomatoes etc.
I believe that the ideal foods for humans are edible fruits. In my experience, if eating enough to satisfy ones energy needs, eating high quality fruits and about one third of it being non sweet fruits like squash, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, it is possible to eat a diet consisting of 100% fruits only.
Green leaves can be beneficial and for most people necessary, as they have higher mineral content compared to fruits.
My personal experience with eating fruits was amazing. Not only because of health, energy and spiritual advantages of such a diet, but the most beautiful experience was to connect more deeply with nature and exploring the fantastic world of fruits.

What about your experiences with patients? Which diseases are easier to cure with natural nutrition?  Which are more difficult to cure?
It is mostly a question of vitality and if there is some irreparable damage in the body than some kind of disease one has been diagnosed to have.
But usually high blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetes 2, coronary diseases are among those diseases where you can expect a recovery as long as there is no permanent damage done.
Recovery can be more difficult or impossible from conditions like diabetes 1, advanced stage of cancer, chronic fatigue, etc.
It should be always remembered that even if there is almost no chance for full recovery, there will almost always be improvement of the condition, in some cases so big that it will mean a new life for the patient.
Which foods should be avoided necessarily? Or in other words, what do you think about the worst foods that human eats?
The worst foods from edible foods are those generally called junk food, refined foods and foods prepared with high temperatures as is the case with frying or grilling.
Animal foods are of course worse than plant foods, because 1) we are not designed well to eat them and 2) Animals store up to 14 times more environmental toxins in their tissues than what is the case with plants.
What do you think about our modern lifestyle? Which changes are necessary in your opinion?
If modern lifestyle is about having money, electronic gadgets, accumulating knowledge, hanging out and on the other hand having no time, being depressed and sick, then it is maybe obvious what we need to change to be happy.
If we live up to “First do no harm” I believe that will do for now.
Vegan lifestyle with fresh fruits and veggies is the fundament for our survival. To knowing ourselves, becoming consciously aware of who we are and living in accordance to Natural Laws is the future for humans.
What do you think about Animal Rights?
Every living being should of course have rights to be here, to live its own purpose and be a part of Creation. Our abuse of animals is totally unnecessary and until we abolish it we will never find peace in this world.
What do you think about the future of Raw Veganism & Natural Nutrition?
I believe future is bright, more and more people are becoming vegan and conscious about eating, thinking, doing things. Thanks to internet ideas reach so many people in no time and just think about you and what you are doing and there are new people everyday spreading the word about veganism.
I write some words here, please write your opinion about each word:
Raw Foods: Best way to eat your food, but it should also be whole foods with some variation and not too many fats.
SunLight: There would not be Life without it and everybody living in cold climate knows how deteriorating it is to spend whole winter without sunlight. We need it everyday best on whole body in appropriate amounts.
Fruits: Paradise food, if we plant fruit trees everywhere we go, there will be paradise on Earth.
Fruit is Love and if we eat it, we will abide in Love and Love in us.
Smoothies: Can be helpful when transitioning to raw food / fruitarian diet. Also for people with some health problems.
Can be also handy if you don’t have some good tasting fruits, you can probably still make a good smoothie.
Longevity: Longevity for the most part is dependent on healthy lifestyle. Life can be shortened or prolonged by the way we live and it also affects the quality of it.
Nature: Nature is our mother and it seems that right now we are at age 3-4, pushing her limits, but eventually we will have to disobey and accept her laws.
Meditation: If meditation means seeking a calm state of the mind, it is quite important. It is nothing difficult and can be achieved purely by eating the right fruits.
Health: Health is our birthright. Good Health is the key to unlock all potential we can have in us. Without it, Life cannot be lived up to the highest.
Humanity: Humanity has reached the point where it must become consciously aware of itself and start living according to Natural Laws or face the more and more obvious consequences of breaking them.
Internet: A great possibility for us to connect with each other and spread informations very quickly. Hopefully it will serve us well in the future and we won’t become slaves of it.
If you want to say a specific message to the readers of this interview, please feel free!
Vegan lifestyle based mostly on fresh fruits is a great way how to improve our life quality and help regenerate the Earth. It helps with so many aspects of Life, that it is almost too good to be true. But it will prove true to everybody who will do it intelligently.
Make a passion for everything you do in your Life and make sure your passions are full of Love and Wisdom. That way you will have the best moment of your Life every single day.

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