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Interview with Jonny Freesh

When you changed your diet? Why?
I started experimenting with dietary changes about 5 years ago, and discovered the Raw Vegan diet almost 2 years ago. The reason I changed my diet was simply that I wasn’t feeling very well physically. I felt slow, particularly mentally, sluggish, fatigued, and not like myself. It affected every part of my life. After university I quit alcohol and stopped partying and I still didn’t feel better. I was really confused by that. It was only when I adopted a high Raw diet that I began to feel healthy, and like myself again.

Please explain a little about your personal experiences with Natural nutrition…
I found that as soon as I started to eat real food, especially lots of fruits and veggies, and mostly raw, that a lot of things that were once difficult became much easier. Unhealthy behavioral and emotional habits that were holding me back slowly but surely dissipated and I found it much easier to follow my dreams. I was never one to get sick a lot, but now it happens even less often. And when I do feel a slight fever or cold coming on, I can kick it’s butt within a couple hours with some simple natural remedies.
Most importantly, my energy levels returned to where they were when I was younger, and sometimes, especially on juice fasts and when I’m eating almost all raw food, I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all! Raw Food is the sturdy foundation for my entire life; it allows me to build my lifestyle in whatever manner I choose.

Which foods should be avoided necessarily? Or in other words, what do you think about the worst foods that human eats?
The worst things that humans eat aren’t really food. It’s all the highly processed sugars and syrups that find their way into all processed, packaged, “foods”. They’re more like food substitutes because there’s no real food in them. The big one is High Fructose Corn Syrup and there are a million other similar ones with all sorts of names.

What do you think about our modern lifestyle? Which changes are necessary in your opinion?
My experience with the typical Western Modern lifestyle is that there is a stark lack of truth. What I mean by that is that the words and actions people take aren’t speaking to their true desires and thoughts. I know this to be true because I’ve done it myself, and so am able to recognize it in other people. It’s not like I’m perfect either; I still do it. It’s not easy, but I am now more conscious of it and work on it every day. It can be difficult and painful because it can mean disagreeing with people and going against societal norms and expectations.
The big change that I believe would be most valuable to take place is a major shift in the education system. I’ve learned more in the year and a half I’ve been running a Raw Food business than I did in my entire time in University. The issue I found with the education system all the way from grade school up to college is the lack of choice and trust. When I choose what I learn I’m much more inspired and motivated. It comes down to a matter of trust; when I trust myself and have the freedom to choose what I learn, I pick what speaks to me and supports the life I want to live. The education system as it is puts very little trust in students, particularly the very young ones, to make their own choices. It undermines confidence in a very covert manner. If we trust children to pick what they want to learn, they will choose the right subjects and will come out of school with direction and purpose in life.
And then it circles back to people speaking and acting with truth. If we are given the opportunity to learn to speak our truth, as well as pick actions and pursuits that we feel supports our true purpose in life at an early age, then it will be much easier for us to continue it throughout our entire life.

What do you think about the future of Raw Veganism & Natural Nutrition?
The future of Raw Veganism is that it will move from being a counter culture diet into being part of the standard diet. Not everyone will eat mostly raw or vegan, but eating a large percent of Raw Vegan food will be a major part of many peoples’ diet.
As far as Natural Nutrition goes, I think that slowly but surely people are already catching on that eating all those supermarket food substitutes is horrible for the body, and they will gradually shift to only eating real food. I don’t push any specific diet; I teach the tools required to enjoy the one that has worked for me, which is a high raw diet. My philosophy is that everyone has a completely unique diet that is right for them. There is only one maxim I have in regards to nutrition and diet: to be healthy, you have to eat all REAL food.
People know that inherently, and with so many passionate people spreading this message in their unique way it’s only a matter of time before the economics of health shift, which will allow people to eat organic and real, instead of feeling like they have to eat packaged junk for whatever reason, be it economic or social pressure.

I write some words here, please write your opinion about each word:
Raw Foods:
The foundation of health. Everyone can benefit from including lots of Raw Food in their diet. Living Enzymes and Alkalizing Food are a necessity for the human body.
Balancing. Even though I live in Bali there have been times when I’ve gotten so caught up in my online business, my music, and my wonderful kitchen that I forget to go outside. Then I start to get slightly irritable. A healthy dose of regular sunlight keeps me feeling balanced.
Ridiculiciously Freesh. All my favorite recipes have fruit in them. Mostly durian ;)
Along with Green Juices, Green Smoothies the foundation of the foundation. Meaning that the foundation of my high raw diet is in Green Smoothies, Green Juices, and Salads. Lots and lots of them insure that I feel great every day. Oh and chia puddings too.
Pure beauty. I love trekking and Scuba diving. Being alone in nature is one of the most vivid feelings of wonder i’ve had in my life.
I’d like to do it more. Used to, not so much these days. Though I consider the act of making and performing music to be quite meditative, and I do that quite often. And also Freeshin’ (that means to make Raw Food) is very meditative for me. I find meditative acts most useful for slowing me down. I have so many things that I am doing and want to do that sometimes I try to rush them. I’d rather do one thing really well than 5 things poorly, and meditation helps me do that.
Doesn’t go hand in hand with but rhymes with wealth
Requires hard work and can’t be bought on a shelf
Nor is it as far away as the land of the elf
It’s within your grasp like you have just felt
At a crossroads. It seems like half the world is going one way and the other half is going in the complete opposite direction. And we could either split in two or loop around and meet in the middle.
Incredibly powerful if used correctly. Highly addictive at the same time. There’s a never ending supply of tools to achieve our dreams at the tip of our fingers. Not to mention entertain ourselves. I find it easy to get overwhelmed by and lost in all the options, so it’s important for me to stay aware of how I’m using it.

If you want to say a specific message to the readers of this interview, please feel free to share here.
Right now it be the season
to harvest all your dreamin’
feed it with the freeshest’
and season it with meanin’
kale be the sweetest
to all of earths’ peoples
especially the vegans
and yes them ones from venus
they thinkin’ he’s the smoothest
they drinkin’ all his juices
collards kale plus that spinach
hollerin’ for no more chicken
hear the message that i’m speakin’
here is what the kale believe in
I’m sharin’ with the seeds
I’m blarin’ on the streets
that perishin’ the greed
comes from marinatin’ greens
nurturin’ each
person hurtin’ from evil deeds
hurled upon we by the burnished infantry
still we don’t be cursin’ these
persons working cursory
we just burstin’ onto beats
with a purpose urgently
with some courage in our wordses and some fire in our eyes
and none upon the thighs of any something that’s alive
we running to the prize trusting functions fueled by gumption bundled up in a surprise
we feelin’ energized
hear my people cry
we munchin’ on some spinach
we funkin’ to the rhythm
and nothin’ can inhibit us from lovin’ what we’re given

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